Sunday, September 25, 2016

Superhero Swag

The students practiced their superhero skills and checked grammatical errors in sentences!  They also practiced building words to sculpt their superhero spelling muscles!

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Magic Bracelets

We practiced scientific thinking by predicting, questioning and experimenting with magic beads.  The students created their own bracelet by stringing semi-clear beads onto a pipe cleaner.   With a little help from Mrs. Brinegar, we tied the bracelets together on stretchy string.  The children made predictions about what magical powers were going to be unleashed when they stepped outside.  Some of the predictions included the ability to fly, the super power of becoming invisible and the ability to read minds.  Some students also predicted that the bracelets might change colors.  The students stepped outside and watched the magic unfold before their eyes.

We have scientists in the making!!!

First Day of First Grade

Check out these future Superheroes!!!

Music provided by The Jackson Five

Welcome Back!!

We made it!  Our first day and now first week are under our belts.  I look forward to an exciting fun-filled year!